How to Recover Google Photos in Android, iPhone, and desktop

So, if you are one of them and want to get Google photo recovery so just follow the below-given steps.

Method 1: Steps to recovery Google photos on Android phone:

If you are using an android smartphone and getting the issue on the Google photos application such as loading and showing error message so just follow the below presented recovery steps:

Step 1: Firstly, open Google Photos application on an Android phone.

Step 2: Hit on the hamburger icon and press the Trash.

Step 3: Wait for a while and then, tap on the Restore.

Step 4: Your android phone will automatically reappear in the library of the photo.

Method 2: Steps to recovery Google photos on the iPhone:

Step 1: Just open your iPhone and tap on the Google Photos application.

Step 2: Hit on the Menu icon. (Situated top-left corner)

Step 3: Press the Trash or bin option.

Step 4: Hold any photo which you want to restore.

Step 5: Then, press the restore option.

Moreover, users can simply get Google Photos recovery via the above-presented steps and easily provide the back of large photos.

Method 3: Steps to recover Google photos from Computer:

Step 1: Firstly, open your laptop or desktop web browser such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other and type the ‘’ in the address bar.

Step 2: Hit on the menu option which is presented in the image.

Step 3: Tap on the Trash option then, you will see all the deleted photos.

Step 4: Here you can select the photos which you want to restore. For the duration of the photo section, the color of the button will change.

Step 5: After the selection of the photos just hit on the restore option and your selected photo will automatically retrieve on Google photos.

Commodity Trading Companies are Increasing Their Bullish Bets on Commodities

This is all good news for China which is dependent on the status of the world economy and the U.S. If there is confidence in China there will be an increase in most commodity prices as they are now the largest consumer of coal, copper, and cotton. According to the commodity futures trading commission speculators increased their net long positions by 9.8 percent which is the biggest gain since August.

According to some money managers China is the most important factor because they are becoming the largest consumer of a number of commodities as they increase production to meet world demand for their inexpensive products. However, you cannot forget that China is dependent on other countries’ economic growth such as European nations and the U.S. In retrospect Europe and the U.S are the main drivers of increased commodity prices as they fuel the economic engine of China.

Why do hedge funds and other commodity trading companies believe we are going to have an increase in the prices of commodities? Could it be because of China or confidence in the Federal government to avert a disastrous fiscal cliff? I believe it is both. China is now under new leadership which is giving confidence to investors that they will improve their financial climate.

According to a survey by Bloomberg the world economy is in the best shape it has been for 18 months. A commodity strategy that could benefit a speculator would be following the prices of hard commodities such as copper which is used in manufacturing, along with cotton which is used to make clothing. They should also pay close attention to energy such as oil and coal, the largest sources in the U.S and China. This commodity strategy will be directly affected by the economic conditions in the U.S, China, and Europe.

Other markets to be traded based on economic growth but not specific to just growth are interest rates. A trader could also trade the stock indices but they are U.S stocks and may not be directly correlated to economic growth in China. A futures strategy that is bullish on these commodities would be going long by either buying futures contracts or options on futures contracts. Both have different risk and reward scenarios and should be chosen based on a traders risk tolerance. Another futures strategy would be trading spreads. A trader can enter a spread trade with either futures or options.

A futures spread can be done by buying and selling futures contracts on different commodities or different months. An option spread can be done by selling and buying options, calls or puts, at different strike prices. These types of trades are considered to be less risky but also tend to have a smaller amount of profit for the trader. Money managers and traders are expecting a rise in commodity prices in 2013 due to signs of economic growth in the U.S and China but do not expect enormous gains. There are other factors that drive commodity prices such as supply side factors. Traders need to examine both options.

DBX to PST Converter tool | Outlook Express to Outlook Migration

Do you need to export DBX files to PST format? Also, annoying to view your Outlook express data in Outlook? So, you are in the right article. Here, in this write up, readers will find one of the most outstanding solutions that help you to convert DBX files to PST file format using a manual process and using DBX to PST converter.

At times, users are moving from Outlook Express to MS Outlook, both platforms used for email, but they have not the same file formats. One of the most tedious things is to convert DBX mailbox messages to Outlook PST. Therefore, it needs the DBX file to PST file converter for exporting the DBX file data to the PST file. Thus, in this quick guide, we will talk over how to move the DBX database into PST format. Now, let’s begin with a user query through which the user can entirely understand the situation.

Significant Reasons to DBX to PST Conversion

Many reasons arise in the condition to move/export DBX files to PST. Some of them are listed below:

Many advanced features such as calendar, journal, task, etc. are offered by the MS Outlook, which does not exist in Outlook Express.
The DBX files are not maintained by Outlook, which is the leading cause of converter DBX files to PST format to access the mailbox data in MS Outlook.
MS Outlook deals with filtering incoming/outgoing email messages through Outlook Express to filter the incoming messages.
Home users regularly use outlook express, while Outlook use by corporate users (business purpose).
MS Outlook has a progressive contact management system to store multiple contacts while Outlook Express has a simple address book.
Techniques to Convert DBX to PST File:

We suggest two techniques to convert DBX to PST for outlook, one is the manual technique, and one uses an expert third-party tool.

A manual technique to convert DBX to PST File Format:

Run and open the Microsoft Outlook Application.
Click here on the file menu, click on the open tab, and select import.
After that, go on the import and export wizard. Click on the Internet mail & address option and click next to proceed.
Click here on the MS Outlook Import tool dialog box. Select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, or windows mail, select the Import mail/Import Address Box.
Now, click Finish to start the conversion procedure; when the email in MS Outlook Express moved to Outlook, a pop-up message will be displaying the completion of the process.
Now you see DBX files data transfers into Outlook PST file format

Why the Manual technique is not preferred:

After using the manual technique, your photos, graphics, & other inserted images in messages will show as destroyed pictures in MSOutlook. You will not be skilled in catching them in the context of the message body.
It is very time consuming if you have numerous accounts to migrate, and we all know time is money than paying for a professional tool saves you money.
It obliges technical proficiency and cannot perform by a non-technical person, and there is no security of genuine DBX to PST conversion.
Using an expert Third-Party Tool:

Due to many drawbacks in the manual technique, it is a bit confusing to know its working. We identify data as an extreme priority in each profession, and we mean it, so we advise you to use the Shoviv DBX to PST Converter.

Shoviv DBX to PST Converter:

Shoviv DBX to PST Converter is a conversion tool built to support users to convert their Outlook DBX files to PST as well as EML & MSG formats. It is 100% secure software that sureties fast processing and permits users to view their DBX file emails in numerous forms before conversion. This DBX to PST migration way outruns batch export functionality, which agrees users work fast and well with large amounts of DBX files. With Shoviv DBX to PST Converter, users can export their whole folder structure without missing any data files.

Overview of the features of Shoviv DBX to PST converter

Convert Outlook Express DBX file to PST, MSG, or EML, file
View DBX file emails in many styles with attachments
Export batch DBX files to PST while maintaining folder structure
Fast scan DBX files/folders with personal status showed.
Autoload files possibility from configured Outlook Express profile location
Recover corrupted DBX files
Export DBX to Live Exchange server and also in Office 365.
Export DBX files into Outlook profile.
Compatibility with Windows 10 & Lower windows versions(32-bit and 64-bit) and MS Outlook (32-bit/64-bit)
For the user’s happiness, Shoviv also affords a free trial version so that users can approximate this tool’s performance. The free trial version converts the first 50 items for each folder.

We discover that when you select to buy Email conversion software, it is crucial to see how experts value it in their reviews and find out if the real experts and the companies buying it and are delighted with this converter. That is why we review Shoviv DBX to PST converter here and crossways a wide range of social media sites. With that information, you should be prepared to make an informed purchasing choice that you did not guilt.