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Since the origin of the web is nearly 30 years ago. The IT industry is changing on daily basis and it takes a lot of effort to stay up to mark in the technology world.

The nature of the web needs to be flexible. Thus, it should be the role of web developers to embrace this flexibility and produce pages which, by being flexible, are accessible to all.

Web development is like drawing inspiration from the art of the world. It is a combination of design and words. The creation of websites should be about words. Design and words are parallel important for web design. As, words are the start, the heart, the emphasis of any website.

Robust connections are a creative digital consultancy company creating a new model for a new age. We are a top web Design Company. We’re making a digital journey in a way an agency or traditional consultancy alone cannot.

We believe that combining technologies, data, and applications into engaging customer interfaces that support their business plan is a challenge for any enterprise, so our role is to help them work about it and come up with a solution. For all existing businesses and the public sector, we carry a start-up mentality and agile approaches to maximize profitability in ways that delight our clients and boost their organizational effectiveness.

We are a top web design company offering the services of

Social media marketing has customized teams that collaborate with our clients to the business
Real-time SEO
Digital Marketing consulting services
Web designing n’ development
Sales optimization
As a leading IT solutions providernetwork, when it comes to skills and talent, we are at par. We are a young company having expertise in technical language. To achieve your preferences, Robust Connection is now filled with imagination, originality, and buzzing with new ideas.

Robust imagine, deliver, and run the future!

scale their development, design, and digital marketing capabilities.

Our belief is that

Technology is always changing, and we have to update with it.
The most lasting outcomes are delivered by a simultaneous vision of the consumer and the company.
As a top web design company, our values serve as our guiding principles for encouraging, empowering, and motivating us to be better at what we do every day.
We aim to be the no’ one IT Solution providing company.

With a Robust connection, you’ll get a thoughtful, effective web solution. As we have:

Professional designers mostly classified and analyzed
Dozens of principles of web design to discover
A custom template for a website in about a week

Therefore, if you want to take place in the market, avoid any network error, and lead the competition. Then talk to us so that we can provide you best solution right away.

Our professional and energetic team is here for you. We assure you that you will enjoy your business growth with us. So

How to Recover Google Photos in Android, iPhone, and desktop

So, if you are one of them and want to get Google photo recovery so just follow the below-given steps.

Method 1: Steps to recovery Google photos on Android phone:

If you are using an android smartphone and getting the issue on the Google photos application such as loading and showing error message so just follow the below presented recovery steps:

Step 1: Firstly, open Google Photos application on an Android phone.

Step 2: Hit on the hamburger icon and press the Trash.

Step 3: Wait for a while and then, tap on the Restore.

Step 4: Your android phone will automatically reappear in the library of the photo.

Method 2: Steps to recovery Google photos on the iPhone:

Step 1: Just open your iPhone and tap on the Google Photos application.

Step 2: Hit on the Menu icon. (Situated top-left corner)

Step 3: Press the Trash or bin option.

Step 4: Hold any photo which you want to restore.

Step 5: Then, press the restore option.

Moreover, users can simply get Google Photos recovery via the above-presented steps and easily provide the back of large photos.

Method 3: Steps to recover Google photos from Computer:

Step 1: Firstly, open your laptop or desktop web browser such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other and type the ‘’ in the address bar.

Step 2: Hit on the menu option which is presented in the image.

Step 3: Tap on the Trash option then, you will see all the deleted photos.

Step 4: Here you can select the photos which you want to restore. For the duration of the photo section, the color of the button will change.

Step 5: After the selection of the photos just hit on the restore option and your selected photo will automatically retrieve on Google photos.

5 Reasons to Learn HTML and CSS

HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language, refers to the markup language for creating web pages. It is complemented by the Cascading Style Sheets or CSS (cascading style sheets), a language used to define the presentation of a document written in HTML.

It is normal that most of the people who want to enter the worlds of web design are the ones who mostly want to learn HTML and CSS. But just because you don’t want to dedicate your working life to web design doesn’t mean that you can’t learn them too. Learning HTML and CSS can help, let’s see why.


Whether it is a personal website or for your business, having your own website gives you an online presence and a certain degree of professionalism. You will have a site to point your contacts to and since you are the one who fully controls the content, you will be able to transmit the type of image you want.


Most modern web browsers incorporate developer tools with which we can make simple changes, such as altering the text on the page, colors, images, or whatever comes to mind. These changes are only visible on your PC, allowing you to create a learning environment without damaging the actual website. Tools like this are great for learning and finding out if you are interested in these types of technologies.


If you have a blog or write to one from time to time, you know what I’m talking about. It is totally true that we can use text forms to introduce the elements that we want to talk about, but absolute control of the content there is no other way to obtain it if you cannot write in HTML.

Sometimes we copy content from Word or another source, and it comes with weird or broken styles that need to be fixed by editing the code. This applies to blogging and many comment systems on other web pages, where they allow us to use HTML tags to leave our words with a specific format.


Many pages have the option of sharing a part of the content on other websites, such as YouTube, which we have already talked about previously. Being able to edit the way other people will see your content can help us. For example, we may want to share a few specific seconds of a video, or we simply want the player to match the web that surrounds it.


Once we know a bit of HTML and CSS, we may want to give our web page a little interaction, for which we will learn JavaScript, for example. So we may want the content to be dynamically generated and able to save certain information so that we will look at PHP and MySQL or any other alternative. Later, maybe

We want to make an android application of our page or web application that we have designed, so we will read something about Java if it is for Android. At one point, maybe we would like our application to work independently of a web browser, that is, a desktop application.

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