Can You Always Afford Floating Home Loan Rates?

This is one question that many people consider closely. Floating home loan rates, for the most part, are a major concern for potential home loan customers for two main reasons:

• Wider market affects the interest rates.

There are several aspects that determine the floating interest rates for housing loans. Select organizations play a key role in influencing them; such as the Reserve bank of India, International and Local markets such as NASDAQUE or BSE, etc. How do they actually affect the home loan interest rates? The RBI can change the rules and regulations, which in turn will affect the banking operations. Fluctuations of the money market can affect the entire economy, which in turn affects the availability of funds and the housing loan interest rates for customers .

• There can be potential threats.

You cannot anticipate these changes. Worst of all, you cannot control them. If your interest rates lower, you will be happy as a customer. However, if there is, for any reason, an increase in the home loan rates, most consumers may not be in a position to afford the growth in the EMIs easily. The bottom line is, when you choose floating interest rates, you consent to the possibility of these fluctuations.

So, the reality is that it can be a hard road ahead. When you opt for a home loan, the typical tenure of the loan is 20 to 30 years. No one can anticipate the long term changes in the RBI policy, the Indian economy or the lending policy of your lender. You are taking a risk – the size of the same depends on you, though.

How to afford floating rates for home loan?

While it is a risk, the rates are manageable too. Home loan rates in India are always going to vary. Hence, you must take certain strategic actions to stay ahead of the game.

• Ask for the strategic housing loan duration and the interest rate. You should negotiate the details well enough so that your EMI is 30% of your monthly earnings.

• Use the no-prepayment changes clause to your advantage and repay the largest part of your loan when you can.

• Do not ignore better interest rates during the first 5 to 10 years of the home loan duration. If a lower interest rate opportunity is available, then go for a home loan balance transfer. It is a great decision in the long term.

• Understand that there is a possibility of a home loan rate hike over a period of 5 to 10 years. You must stay ahead of this potential landmine by increasing your earnings by investing your savings into the right financial products.

5 Interesting things about Airpod and Airpods Pro

Now is the generation of earpods. Apple’s Airpods are the classy pods used by the users replacing the earphones. Apple users just need convenience. All their Apple devices are in sync and from any of them, you can connect to Airpods / Airpods Pro.

How easy and convenient! An effortless activity at its best! Apple owns a trademark of awesomeness.

Let us see some interesting things that Airpods and Airpods Pro offer:

Share the pod
You can share one pod with your mate while listening to music or hearing the conversation as a conference. It provides the same high quality sound in both pods and you can just go on your Airpods activities.
Compatibility with non Apple products
You can use Airpods / Airpods Pro with android devices as well. You can switch between Apple and non-Apple devices with pairing function. It is quick and easy. You just can chill if you have Airpods.
Give commands to Siri
Another effortless activity. Just tell Siri which music you want to listen to and it will play for you and you can hear with your Airpods / Airpods Pro. You can give commands to Siri to adjust the volume, change the music and what nots.
Long charging hours
Once you charge your Airpods / Airpods Pro, it lasts for 5 hours of continuous use. You can smoothly reach your destination while listening to music / audio calls while travelling. You can configure the chagrin settings in your iPhone and make it customizable where you want to save the battery.
Sweat resistance in Airpod Pro
Airpod Pro is made in such a way that if you go for a brisk walk or exercise, it will resist sweat and work with the same quality without affecting the performance.
Background noise removal in Airpod Pro
Airpod Pro has this in-build mechanism where the system checks for the noise around 200 times every second and cancels it to focus on what you are listening to. Focus has more impact on what audio or music you are listening to.
Charging Status
It’s design is made in such a way that it gives an amazing user experience. It shows the amber light on the case if it is still charging. It shows green once the charging is complete. You do not have to open the case and keep checking the status.

The most interesting facts of Airpods Pro are :

Airpods Pro sound better than Airpods.
Airpods Pro has a water resistant feature. Airpods do not have it.
You can share 2 pairs of Airpods Pro with your device. Airpods do not have it.
You can use Apple Watch to switch modes in Airpods Pro.
Airpods Pro gives options of 2 Ear tips. Based on the size of your ear, you can use the ear tip. Airpods do not have it.
Airpods Pro provides a new noise control feature. Airpods Pro do not have it.

Airpods and Airpods Pro are the new generation devices which are comfort pro and the users just cannot get away from using them.

5 Reasons to Learn HTML and CSS

HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language, refers to the markup language for creating web pages. It is complemented by the Cascading Style Sheets or CSS (cascading style sheets), a language used to define the presentation of a document written in HTML.

It is normal that most of the people who want to enter the worlds of web design are the ones who mostly want to learn HTML and CSS. But just because you don’t want to dedicate your working life to web design doesn’t mean that you can’t learn them too. Learning HTML and CSS can help, let’s see why.


Whether it is a personal website or for your business, having your own website gives you an online presence and a certain degree of professionalism. You will have a site to point your contacts to and since you are the one who fully controls the content, you will be able to transmit the type of image you want.


Most modern web browsers incorporate developer tools with which we can make simple changes, such as altering the text on the page, colors, images, or whatever comes to mind. These changes are only visible on your PC, allowing you to create a learning environment without damaging the actual website. Tools like this are great for learning and finding out if you are interested in these types of technologies.


If you have a blog or write to one from time to time, you know what I’m talking about. It is totally true that we can use text forms to introduce the elements that we want to talk about, but absolute control of the content there is no other way to obtain it if you cannot write in HTML.

Sometimes we copy content from Word or another source, and it comes with weird or broken styles that need to be fixed by editing the code. This applies to blogging and many comment systems on other web pages, where they allow us to use HTML tags to leave our words with a specific format.


Many pages have the option of sharing a part of the content on other websites, such as YouTube, which we have already talked about previously. Being able to edit the way other people will see your content can help us. For example, we may want to share a few specific seconds of a video, or we simply want the player to match the web that surrounds it.


Once we know a bit of HTML and CSS, we may want to give our web page a little interaction, for which we will learn JavaScript, for example. So we may want the content to be dynamically generated and able to save certain information so that we will look at PHP and MySQL or any other alternative. Later, maybe

We want to make an android application of our page or web application that we have designed, so we will read something about Java if it is for Android. At one point, maybe we would like our application to work independently of a web browser, that is, a desktop application.

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